Question & Answers

Developed to help the “do it yourself” person. Here are just a few helpful hints we have learned over the past 30 years in the appliance business. If you have a question about what you’re working on, give us a call and we will try our best to help you.

DID YOU KNOW: Do you have an odor in your refrigerator… try putting a bowl in both the freezer and refrigerator section filled with either coffee grounds, a couple charcoal grill briquettes, or baking soda.

DID YOU KNOW: If your glasses are turning white or milky after a dishwasher cycle, there are two possible causes: one is etching caused by too much soap in the dishwasher. Manufacturers tell consumers to use too much soap. Only use about one tablespoon of soap in each compartment. Once your glasses are etched the damage is done. Two is hard-water staining. The only way to stop this is to have a water softener. Hard-water stains on glasses can be removed by dipping in vinegar.

DID YOU KNOW: To get the best result out of your dishwasher, try the following: load dishwasher, add soap (about a tablespoon in each compartment), always use rinse aid (it helps with drying), close the door. Turn sink faucet on hot until water is hot, start dishwasher on first timer setting you come to. Always run dishwasher in the evening so dishes can dry overnight. Another reason we say night, most folks are not using hot water for other things late at night so the dishwasher will have the hottest water for cleaning. Also, hot water helps the drying of dishes.

DID YOU KNOW: Raising your water heater to 140 degrees will help dishwashers more effectively clean and dry dishes.

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DID YOU KNOW: Your freezer section cools the refrigerator section.

DID YOU KNOW: When using a microwave, always cover food. A paper towel will do fine. Microwaves do not heat inside to outside. The best way to heat something in a microwave is using 50 to 60 percent power for a longer time. This won’t dry out your food and will heat more evenly.

DID YOU KNOW: Refrigerator doors that don’t close well can keep the light on inside causing poor cooling and the unit to run much longer.

DID YOU KNOW: Always clean the dryer filter after each use. This will allow the dryer to breathe and will allow the clothes to dry more quickly.

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DID YOU KNOW: Window air conditioning units should be cleaned before each season. Both coils should be cleaned out on each side.

DID YOU KNOW: If your dryer dries but takes a longer time to dry it’s usually the vent in your home that’s plugged not the dryer itself.

DID YOU KNOW: If your dryer runs but does not heat, there are 5 things it could be: the heating element, the thermostats, a power problem, the motor, or the timer.

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DID YOU KNOW: Dryer sheets cause build up on the lint filter screen, clean with a cleaner like 409 or Fantastic to cut the film away.

DID YOU KNOW: To keep dishwashers working longer, you should run them every other week even if empty.

DID YOU KNOW: To keep a garbage disposal clean and the blades sharp, run 30 or 40 ice cubes down the disposal while running water. Do this about once a week.

DID YOU KNOW: Water filters on refrigerators should be replaced about every 6 to 12 months, depending on the quality of your water and the amount of ice and water used.

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DID YOU KNOW: Some refrigerators have coils on the bottom of the unit that need cleaned. Coils should be cleaned at least every six months, but if you have pets, it should be more often.

DID YOU KNOW: Lint is removed from the dryer not the washer. The dryer removes about 80 percent of lint from your clothes.

DID YOU KNOW: Tangling of clothes in the washer can be caused from several things: overloading, not enough water, spinning and agitating at the same time.

DID YOU KNOW: A non-defrosting freezer will keep food better, longer and with less frost bite, and will use less electricity to run and are less money to purchase.

DID YOU KNOW: Your refrigerator can make all the noises and sounds listed here and still be running correctly: buzzing, vibrating, sizzling, popping, gurgling, dripping, clicking and air flow noise.

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